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On the one year anniversary of the first magazine ever, the red solstice rises once more!

A ttrpg zines featuring, adventures, strange, phenomenon, backgrounds, monsters, and tables.

Issue 3: Featuring the work of Cade Crites, Christian Kessler, Ciara McOmber, Mark Conway, Jarrett Crader, Nico Santagoy, Revenant Rogue, Seth Ian, Spooky Rusty, Stella Condrey and cover art by Rhys Vương Nguyễn

Table of Contents

  • Creatures from the Loom. 2 creatures and possible backgrounds for use with Troika.
  • Scumbo's Problems. A scummy adventure for a motorcycle riding wizard with a goat sidekick.
  • The Sixteen Moons of Ilara. A collection of magical lunar events that bring dread and wonder to any full moon.
  • Pink Pellars. A dungeon focused around a cult hoping to ascend to godhood usable with most elf games.
  • The Twilight Summer. A dark magical adventure in The Philippines as an independence movement promises freedom from Spain.
  • Wold you Still Love Me if I Were a Wyrm. 3 stat blocks for dragons, drakes and the like for use with elf games, combined with prose.
  • The Sows of Salip. A sea side adventure, of cults, mutation, and pigs for use with most elf games.
  • Jealous Elf. The worst elf you know.
  • 1d6 Encounters in the Deep Snowed Nights. A simple d6 list of encounters, elaborated upon and turned into a d66 list of unique differentiated encounters for use with medieval fantastic roleplaying.

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CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorRed Solstice
TagsDragons, dungeons, moon, OSR


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