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The first magazine in the world returns for a second issue!

A ttrpg zines featuring, adventures, magic items, monsters, deities, and tables!

Issue 2: Featuring the work of Cam Silva, Christian Kessler, Ciara McOmber, Fred Dinsmore, Jarrett Crader, Kirby, Nico Santagoy, Seth Ian, Spooky Rusty, Stella Condrey, Thrift O’Mancer and cover art by reinapepiada

Table of Contents

  • Rug Beast. A mechanical creature at home with shag carpets, for use with most elf games.
  • The Mad Martial Arts Mummies of the Church of the Fist. A new monster with a custom catholic martial arts inspired crit table for the DCC RPG.
  • Bastard Brigade. A collection of quasi-military weirdos for use with mothership.
  • Deck of Many Teeth. A strange tooth magic themed mystical artifact
  • Drakebrood of Talumex's Lair. A drake themed adventure and dungeon for use with most elf games.
  • Elemental Compendium 1. A collection of chemistry and alchemy inspired elementals for use with most elf games.
  • Gods of the Soil. A collection of divinities of the subterranean peoples.
  • May Day Grieve. A diabolic adventure for mercenaries in the early 20th century Philippines where the church casts a long shadow.
  • Cat Traps in Troika City. A collection of a few cool cats you can find on the streets of Troika.
  • Ridiculous Roadkill. 6 roadkill themed creatures for use in troika games.
  • 1d20 Cave Wonders. Self Explanatory.
  • 1d20 Cave Hazards. Self Explanatory.

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United States

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorRed Solstice
TagsCats, caves, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, OSR, Sci-fi, teeth


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